Inner-G ~ the circulating states of Being where all Dreams are possible {~*~}

This video, Inner-Golden Wings of Dragonfly, is a poem and a portrait. This was created with deep appreciation to ALL beings. It has taken a lifetime of co-creation, growing cycles and pains, lessons and blessin’s to manifest all the resources of this moment to share a part of my essence with you all. Thank you to every being, hand, heart-mind, and gaze, that has contributed, inspired, and witnessed me birth forth and continue to co-grow these expressions of creativity and fluidity. Infinitely blessed and righteous journies to all beings, all beloveds, all tribes and relations, and all dreams, in all realities, awakened and asleep. Thank you thank you thank you for growing, flowing and ever-becoming your authentic self’s too (((<3)))

Made in collaboration with a music mix by bioLuMigen, intro screen Dj booth installation created by Audiowaska Productions along with a tensor ring oscillator co-create with and Inner-G Dream Oscillators. Throughout the video there are many filmed moments as well as dream oscillators co-created with Michael Bagnaschi and Ava Love. Thank you all so much for exactly who you are, immense gratitude arriving all the way to this video, blessings and blissing

~Abundant Gratitude~
Finding Neverland DeMention